The Swiss company Suitart has created the most elaborate suit that even James Bond would aspire to wear. Not only is it covered in diamonds, it is bullet-proof and has built-in air conditioning. Oh and it is waterproof too.

The company says that each suit is custom-tailored to the wearer, which is a service you would expect if you were paying $3.2 million!

diamond encrusted bulletproof suit

So what do you get for that ridiculous amount of money? Well the bulletproofing is NATO-certified and protects you from bullets fired from handguns ranging from 9mm pistols to .357 Magnums, while the air conditioning stops you from getting all hot and sweaty by pumping humidified water through the jacket; handy for when you are chasing the bad guys.

Of course when you’ve spent that much money on a suit, the last thing you want is to get it dirty or wet but that’s not an issue thanks to the water and dirt-proof nanotechnology, which was inspired by the finely textured surface of plants, which are naturally dirt resistant.

To add a little bling to all the ‘practicality’, the suit has steel buttons encrusted in black diamonds. In total there are 600 black diamonds on the suit, with each one weighing 140 carats. It also comes with a matching watch and 24-carat golden silk tie, just in case the diamonds do not provide enough sparkle.

If you are insanely rich and spend your time on secret missions protecting queen and country, then this is the suit for you. I would sincerely love to see someone actually wearing one of these!

[Image via interestingengineering]