Helmets are funny things – especially the ones used while skiing. They’re great, of course, because they protect your head and all, but how do you know when it’s time to replace your trusty helmet? It’s not like you put it on and all of a sudden realize it’s time for an upgrade – obviously, if there’s big signs of damage (i.e.: your helmet is split, etc.) then you know it’s time to head out to the nearest store to buy a new model.

Helmets are built to withstand impact from falls, but just how many falls can a helmet take before it’s unable to protect your head? The answer: we don’t really know. I know that sounds like a cop-out, but it all depends on how you fall and what type of material the helmet is made from. Some helmets can take a lot of falls, while some helmets need to be replaced after one major accident. Thankfully, there is a new helmet on the market that promises to help skiers everywhere know when it’s too damaged to use any longer. It’s called the Skull Orbic H.I. MIPS and it’s created by POC.

The Ski Helmet That Knows When It's Time To Be Replaced

A Smart Helmet?

Since everything else seems to be getting “smarter”, why shouldn’t ski helmets join the group? This particular Skull Orbic helmet is lined with sensors throughout the helmet which are able to measure its overall health. If everything’s good to go, the helmet will display a small green light; if it doesn’t think it can take another bad fall on the slopes, it will display a red light alerting you that you should probably go and get a new helmet before you get off of the lift.

Maybe we will soon see the day when this type of technology will be offered with other sports, such as cycling and skateboarding.

Oh, and this ski helmet’s not cheap. It’ll run you approximately $480 – but is there too high of a price when it comes to protecting your head? What do you think?

[Image via OnTheSnow]

SOURCE: http://gizmodo.com/this-helmet-knows-when-its-too-damaged-to-protect-your-1541388908