We all have the same problem – we can’t see in the dark. Now, given a few minutes, our eyes will most likely adjust to the darkness in our homes, but who has a few minutes to waste when they wake in the middle of the night with a mission? Obviously, night lights are an option, but sometimes they cause more problems than they solve. For one, there’s the size issue – they always take up one outlet space (and sometimes two, depending on the size), and they are bulky. They also get incredibly hot to the touch which is a potential danger for any small children in the home. They’re also eyesores most of the time – just stuck there occupying your already limited outlet space.

While there are other nighttime lighting options besides night lights, they are not very cost effective and will most likely involve calling an electrician. But there is a new product that has reached the top spot at Kickstarter that promises to make using old-fashioned night lights a thing of the distant past. That product is known as the SnapRays Guidelight.

SnapRays Guidelight Lights Up Your Home For $0.10 A Year

Let There Be Light

Using LED lights that cost around $0.10 a year, the SnapRays Guidelight promises to change the way we light up our homes in the dark. And it really does seem as easy to use as is promised – the above pictured cover “snaps” into place and replaces your existing outlet cover. And, as you can also see, your outlets are free for you to use whatever you want to plug into them. There’s also a light sensor that automatically turns off the lights anytime it’s not dark. The designers claim these LED lights will last for 25 years, which makes this Kickstarter project seem like a good thing to back.

You can get an early version by pledging $12 on Kickstarter. They hope to start shipping them in May of 2014 to those who invest early.

[Image via crowdfundinsider]

SOURCE: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/snappower/the-snaprays-guidelight-illuminate-your-life?ref=live