If you have ever owned one of those couches that hides a bed inside, than you more than likely know how much of a pain in the rear it can be to get the bed out and then back in once again. Having owned one of these myself, I can vouch that it sometimes seemed easier to throw the couch out the window than to get the bed all snug back in there again. And even once you manage to get the bed to fold back down the way it’s supposed to, you still have the couch cushions to deal with. (The easiest and most effective method is to jump on them repeatedly until they are in a desirable position).

Thankfully, the world may no longer have to deal with tricky hide-a-bed couches, because like everything else in the world, couches are getting smarter. With the Lampo Motion couch, all you have to do is push a button and out comes a bed. And vice versa. Have a look below at the next piece of furniture you need to add to your living room.

Buy This Couch That Will Automatically Turn Into A Bed

It’s A Couch…It’s A Bed…It’s A Couch Again!

Using an attached remote, the hardest part about turning your couch into a bed is simply pushing the button to make it all happen. Then, of course, you might have to push it a few times just so you can watch it transform multiple times before your eyes.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how much this couch/bed will cost you because I don’t know; you have to call a number to get a personalized quote – which probably means it’s out of the price range for many of us. If you’d like to call, you can find the number here.

But if you can afford one – sleeping on the couch will never be more fun or desirable.

[Image via archiproducts]

SOURCE: http://gizmodo.com/a-remote-control-sofabed-for-your-laziest-houseguests-1538720647