If you regularly fly with United Airlines and currently use some kind of Apple device (iPhone, iPad, MacBook, etc.), I have some pretty good news for you. It turns out that United Airlines is about to start offering you some nice in-flight content for free. Who doesn’t like getting something for free? (If there is even such a thing, but that might be for another post).

In a world where people are always bound not to enjoy some of the movies offered during a flight, United Airlines is all set to offer around 150 movies and approximately 200 TV shows to anyone who brings an iOS device onboard the plane. The hardest part (and only requirement besides having iOS 7) is that you have to have the United Airlines app installed on your device before you’ll be able to access any of the free content.

United Airlines To Give Free Movies To iOS Users

Who Wants To Fly United?

This free service will start on a few specific planes and will move on to most of United’s commercial aircraft throughout the year. As of right now, this perk will only be available for iOS users. It’s unknown if at this time United is working on an Android service or if they will be in the future.

This content is great, of course, but streaming only goes as far as your device’s battery. It’s unknown if United Airlines will be installing charging ports in their seats, which would definitely help out on those long flights.

Regardless of how long your battery lasts while in the air, this is a nice option to have if you are an iOS user, and it remains to be seen if and when the other major airlines will follow suit.

What do you think? Will you be taking advantage of this free service?

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SOURCE: http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/united-airlines-to-roll-out-free-in-flight-video-streaming-service/#!AtV8G