If you own a smartphone, then chances are you have, unfortunately, got it wet.  Whether that is wet from answering a call in the pouring rain, or dropping it in your bathtub, it is the most annoying thing you can do to your phone.  Even cracking your screen isn’t as bad!  Apparently, the figures for cell phones getting wet each day globally are approximately 85,000.  Which is a surprising number.  To solve this problem, you could always make Sony happy and purchase a Sony Xperia mobile device, which has the water resistance rating or you could buy a waterproof case.  Maybe there is another way…

Dry Box Rescue

Enter the Dry Box Rescue.  The company which manufactures these have said that your solution to a wet phone disaster is only a few moments away, as their Dry Box Rescue will be spread across town similar to Red Box locations for DVDs.

The idea is quite simple really.  You put your phone inside this Dry Box, which then dries your phone in approximately 30 minutes time. The firm has made a bold statement by saying that should you get your phone wet, the Dry Box will still provide successful results, as long as you get it to a Dry Box location within 36 hours.

The device which claims to safely and effectively dry your phone in the event of it getting wet, uses a patent pending drying chamber that rapidly removes moisture at the molecular level from small electronic devices.

As with all technological advances, there is a word of caution regarding what is acceptable and not acceptable if you do get your phone wet. Apparently one of the first mistakes that people often make is; plugging in the device! (That is a ludicrous idea if you ask me) The inventors of Dry Box Rescue have said not to do that. Other things on the list are; Don’t put it in rice, Do remove the battery, Do power it off, Don’t power it back on, and please do not use a hair dryer to try attempting drying out your cell phone.

Dry Ventures Inc. says that Dry Box Rescue stations may already be in your area.  Ifg you want to check where your nearest location is then just head over to their website location search page;  http://www.dryboxrescue.com/locations/

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[Image via Dry Ventures]

SOURCE: http://www.androidheadlines.com/2014/03/dry-phone-dry-box-rescue-station.html