We all love a good joke and so do most of the tech giants it seems, if any of their April Fool’s Day pranks are anything to go by. Here’s my top five for 2014.

5. Whether you admit it or not, we’ve all done a selfie, some of us more than others. Orbotix decided what we really need is a drone that can take our selfies for us. The hands-free device is “Always watching for life’s precious moments”.

4. Samsung announced its Samsung Fingers product via a press release. Poking fun at all the wearable tech, the company revealed its ‘smart glove’ prompts you to “pull my finger” before making a fart noise!

Top 5 April Fools' Day Pranks

3. Google had everyone going with its Pokémon challenge. The idea was to search for Pokémon using the Google Maps app. You could even play a short Pokémon game by clicking on the little creatures in their various global positions.

2. Ever wanted to learn a new language? How about learning Klingon? Well according to ThinkGeek, there is now a Klingon version of Rosetta Stone. Star Trek fans were gutted that this was only a prank.

1. And finally, my personal favourite, was Auto Awesome Photobombs for Google+. You could apparently upload an image of David Hasselhoff to all your photos. Because who wouldn’t want The Hoff in their selfie?!

The Hoff photobomb

Share your favourite April Fools’ Day prank with us and if your brave enough, which ones you fell for!

[Images via toptube]