A compact 3D printer called Micro, has smashed its Kickstarter goal in just eleven minutes. Even more incredible than that was the initial early bird price of $199.

Of course it’s a bit late to be an early bird now but you can still pledge to buy the Micro for $299. The petite device is the creation of M3D, whose team is based in Bethseda, MD. The tiny 3D printer has a 4.5 cubic-inch build volume and a unique internal spool that holds the filament inside the case. Because of its size, you can only print objects to a height of 4.5-inches but that should be adequate for producing fun things at home.

3D printer

Michael Armani and David Jones, who founded M3D, have developed a 3D printer that has no fancy frills, which is not a surprise considering the price you pay. Yet despite its basic nature, the Micro has some great little features and interesting software. Judging by the image below, it looks as though you will be able to search for an open-source object and then print it directly from the app. The app cleverly resizes the object and gets it ready for printing, before the Micro does its work. Also included is a self-leveling print bed, which is a great addition, especially when you consider the low price.

M3D app

It will be interesting to see how the campaign progresses and how the company manages with the number of orders it receives. No doubt this little printer will spark off a new era of tiny, affordable 3D printers.

[Images via M3D]

SOURCE: http://techcrunch.com/2014/04/07/the-first-299-3d-printer-hits-its-kickstarter-goal-in-11-minutes/?ncid=rss