Google has given us a glimpse of the work that is going into Project Ara, the company’s modular phone concept, that is being developed by its Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group, via a new video (below).

In order to appeal to the masses, Google explains how there is a focus on keeping the interface simple and straight forward. ”We’re really trying to make this interface as simple as possible, and as spacially intuitive as we can,” says Eric Gunther, co-founder of SoSo Ltd, an interactive design studio that’s working with Google’s ATAP on the design of an Ara configurator app.

Behind The Scenes With Project Ara

The video gives you a glimpse of the metal exoskeleton, on which prototype modules are tested by the ATAP team, as well as renditions of how the finished design may look in various size configurations.

Project Ara behind the scenes

The timing of the video is very appropriate when you consider that later this month Google will be running its first 2-day developer conference for the device. You’ll notice the video has an overall style of a sales pitch, which is no doubt designed to build up some anticipation and excitement for the modular phone.

It could be that Google proves to be a real pioneer in the modular device market with Project Ara and with there being a shift to more customizable devices in general, it could potentially put them way ahead of the game.

[Images via Techcrunch]