I have no real problem with towels, but sometimes they can be an endless source of frustration around my home. This is never more true than when I am in the middle of a shower and realize I forgot to grab a towel to dry myself off. And it doesn’t matter how loudly I yell for a towel, it seems like every member of my family has suddenly gone deaf. So I’m either forced to attempt to use a hand towel (that doesn’t ever work very well) or go and get a towel as I’m shivering the whole way.

But what if there was a way to replace bathroom towels and still get dry at the same time? In fact, why hasn’t someone invented a blow-dryer for your body? Well, it turns out they have, and it’s one of those ideas you see on a crowd funding site and wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. Meet the Body Dryer – it looks like a bathroom scale and completely dries you off in about 30 seconds – all without the need of a pesky towel.

Body Dryer Replaces Your Need For Towels

The Next Addition To Your Bathroom

As you can read on Indiegogo, the team behind the Body Dryer is all too aware of the problem of the bacteria that likes to reside on our bathroom towels. They are also aware of how expensive it is at the end of the day for businesses and individuals to wash towel after towel after towel. The Body Dryer takes care of both of those fronts. It dries you off completely (except for your hair) in 30 seconds by blowing hot or cool air upwards and the dripping water is collected and then dispersed/evaporated into the air.

If you invest now, you can get one of these for $125. If you stop to think about it, towels aren’t all that cheap to begin with, and when you add up the costs associated with keeping the towels clean, $125 doesn’t seem too steep of a price. At least you wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting your towel in the middle of a shower.

What do you think?

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SOURCE: http://www.cnet.com/news/body-dryer-air-dries-you-off-no-towel-necessary/