Having multiple email accounts can be handy, but there is something to be said about minimalism – in the sense that only a handful of email accounts are actually really used on a regular basis. Think about it, if you have five – or even more – email accounts, when was the last time you used ALL of them?


If you have switched to Outlook.com, and you still have other email accounts on other platforms, Microsoft wants to make it easy for you to make your Outlook.com account your main email. Last year, Microsoft already offered the capability of importing email from other platforms to Outlook.com, as long as they used the IMAP protocol.

Before 2013 ended, Microsoft even released a tool that made it easier for Gmail users to export their email to Outlook.com.

Now, Yahoo has also become a “target” with the new feature:

Importing your Yahoo Mail into Outlook.com is simple. To get started, navigate to Options and then click Import email accounts. Select Yahoo, enter your Yahoo email address and password, and then click Import. This will also set up your Yahoo email address as a “send from” account, meaning you can continue to send emails from your Yahoo address, right from Outlook.com. It’s also possible to connect your Yahoo account to your Microsoft account, so your Yahoo contacts appear in Outlook.com. (Source)

In a blog post, Microsoft says that this move is the result of the overwhelming response they received when the tool to import Gmail emails to Outlook.com was released. Along those lines, they expect Yahoo mail users to also flock to Microsoft’s email platform, thanks to this new feature.

As usual, exporting your data from your current email account to Outlook does not mean that your current data will be deleted. You can still continue using it, but that defeats the purpose of limiting your email accounts for efficiency, doesn’t it?

Are you still a Yahoo email user? Do you have an Outlook.com account? Will you be using this new feature?

[Image via Office Blogs]