The great outdoors is a wondrous place, filled with beautiful scenery and vast landscapes.  When you travel across country, do you drive your car and stay in hotels and motels along the way?  Or do you traverse the land in a SUV pulling a giant trailer, thereby sleeping wherever you like?  The problem with most trailers is they are not the most stylish and comfortable are they?  Well, the trailer market just stepped up a gear.  Ladies and gentlemen, please may I introduce you to the carbon fibre CR-1.


Carbon fibre is well suited to anything on wheels, from high-performance sports cars, to recreational vehicles and anything inbetween. The people over at Global Caravan Technologies have designed and made a trailer and manufactured it with Carbon Fibre. The CR-1 is the first RV trailer made from a carbon-fibre monocoque chassis.

The use of carbon fibre also means the CR-1 is stronger and therefore more durable than any other trailer that is currently on the market or for that matter, ever has been.  So, even if a rather strong storm should head into your direction, if you are sat inside this thing, I wouldn’t be bothered too much. Carbon Fibre is also well known for being an extraordinary light material.  Because it is so light, this trailer can be modified with an inspiring list of facilities, which may otherwise be far too heavy for a traditional model.


How much does this modern miracle of travel cost?  The standard version of the CR-1 is probably going top retail for approximately $170,000.  Global Caravan Technologies have said that a fully-customized model may cost closer to $770,000.  So start saving up folks.

Would you be interested in traveling around pulling something like this?  As always, if you would like to leave a sensible comment, then please do so in the comments section below.

[Image via blog.roadtrippers & autoblog]