Facebook has had its share of good press and bad press.  I am not an advocate or opponent of Facebook or the wider implications of using the social network.  But, I do think in this instance the use/misuse of a social network, was pivotal in the attempted murder of a young man.

For most teenagers it is probably a lurid experience to have their social media accounts analysed by their parents! The teenage child often has a certain expectation of confidentiality and privacy, whilst the parents have the right to be curious about the company their children are keeping both online and in reality.  A young man in the US should be glad that his mother was inquisitive and in this instance, totally justified in accessing the boy’s Facebook account.  A mother in Utah went through her teenage son’s Facebook account and found threats; she was then able to alert the police before another young person’s life was lost.

Potential FB Shooting

According to KUTV, the mother was stunned when she saw the threatening comments on her son’s Facebook page. The local law enforcement said the comments included threats to shoot him. She immediately called her son’s school, which subsequently alerted the local police. The police then arrested two suspects, who were not students at the boy’s school, and found a gun, a loaded magazine and drugs in their possession. Police claim that they were ready to carry out the threat and therefore it was credible.

Greg Wilking, a Detective in Salt Lake City police department, told KUTV that the threats were credible and there were also some pictures on the social platform Instagram, involving a weapon. The police considered all the evidence and the two suspects are now in custody.

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SOURCE: http://www.ubergizmo.com/2014/04/mom-checks-sons-facebook-saves-him-from-getting-shot/?utm_source=mobilerepublic