Flash Player (Non-IE) is an update now available for both Flash Player and AIR.   It has new and improved functionality, important bug fixes and security updates.

The AIR Runtime and SDK version number has now been increased to 13, bringing it in sync with Flash Player.

Flash Player Bug fixes include:

  • Cannot get a get swf file to play in Chrome browser
  • “leading” value
  • New version doesn’t fully install and failure to install blocks all media playing capability
  • xExclude Windows 8.x from CUPT & SCUP catalog for ActiveX installation
  • The ‘Press ESC to exit full screen’ dialog has been moved to the top of the screen for non stage video
  • Resolves an issue where Flash Player would stop rendering when embedded in a page that also contains WebGL Canvas element and was forced to fall back to software rendering.
  • [Win8.1] starwars.com – Full Screen content now renders in Full-Screen mode
  • [Win8.1] Flash Player now handles IVS characters and surrogate pairs correctly in TextFields.
  • [Win8.1] nba.com – Video controls are now correctly displayed in Full-Screen Mode
  • [Win8.x] Pressing the Menu key on the software keyboard now correctly triggers the right-click context menu when in Modern mode.
  • [Win8.x] Yahoo Messenger – The logo is now displayed correctly, instead of a black rectangle.
  • Resolves a intermittent hang encountered when playing Encrypted HLS content
  • Resolves performance and reliability issues encountered when scrubbing FLV videos produced by Flash Professional
  • [HTTP Live Streaming] – Resolves a slow memory leak.
  • [HTTP Live Streaming] – When switching from an Audio/Video stream to an Audio-Only stream, audio now stays in sync with main content
  • [Win 8.1] – Video controls now display correctly in Full-Screen mode on www.nba.com
  • [Win 8.x] – Resolves an issue where videos in Full-Screen mode were cut off when the zoom setting was greater than 100% on cnn.com
  • [Win 8.x RT] – Corrects graphics rendering corruption in Cityville when placing new buildings
  • [Win 8.x] – Local video playback will now start automatically when device is disconnected during playback
  • [Win 8.x] – PlayTo will now start in the correct location when switching between the Digital Media Renderer and the local PC
  • [HTTP Live Streaming] Switching from an Audio-only stream to an Audio/Video stream now works as expected

You can download Flash Player (Non IE) through Filehippo now.

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