GOGO is a leading aircraft communications service provider.  They have announced the next step in their technology plan for global connectivity and its called 2Ku.  GOGO is expecting this new technology to outperform other global connectivity solutions which are currently available.  Among the first to trial this advanced technology is expected to be Japan Airlines.

The new system will develop the same low-profile antennas as GOGO’s Ground to Orbit (GTO) technology, used for aircraft flying in North America; however, instead of using GOGO’s Air to Ground solution for the return link to the ground, 2Ku will have two low-profile, high efficiency Ku-band satellite antennas.  It is this new technology that will deliver peak speeds to the aircraft of approximately 70 Mbps.


“GOGO has proven time and again that it’s the leader in developing and operationalizing new technologies for the aero market.  2Ku is the next step in our technological evolution and is a ground breaking new technology for the global commercial aviation market…When we launched our in-flight Internet service five years ago, we were able to deliver peak speeds to the aircraft of 3.1 Mbps through our ATG network.  About a year ago, we began deployment of our next generation ATG-4 service, which took peak speeds to 9.8 Mbps.  Our GTO solution takes the peak speed to 70 Mbps in the U.S. and 2Ku brings 70 Mbps to the rest of the world,” said GOGO’s president and CEO, Michael Small.

Advantages of the 2Ku antenna are considerable.  The 2Ku antenna is approximately twice as spectrally efficient than other antennas in the commercial aviation market.  This means it will produce more bandwidth at less cost.  The 2Ku antenna is only 4.5 inches tall, which will reduce drag on the aircraft.  Another interesting application is the use of the service in the tropical regions of the planet, where other satellite solutions degrade significantly due to restrictions associated with operating at high tilted angles. It is in these areas that 2Ku’s performance benefits will be even more dramatic.  GOGO is expecting the service to be available in mid-2015.

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