HBO Go customers have suffered yet more issues with the service, so to make amends HBO has decided to allow users to view the season four premiere of Game of Thrones via Xbox. Starting from today through to April 14 the episode will be available through Xbox Video, meaning Xbox One owners can join in too. All cable customers will also be able to view the premiere through their provider’s on-demand channel, whether they subscribe to HBO or not.

This generosity on HBO’s part is the result of complaints from HBO Go customers who tried to watch Sunday night’s premiere online. Some reported playback errors, while some were unable to watch the show at all. This is only too familiar for HBO though, who received similar problems during the season finale of True Detective last month, when HBO Go became so overwhelmed by the number of users tuning in, that it was virtually unsuable.

Game Of Thrones

The company obviously wants to make up for these problems but will things be sorted ready for next week’s episode? We’ll have to wait and see.

[Image via nydailynews]