It is inevitable that at some point you will drop your smartphone. It’s happened to the best of us; either they fall out of our pocket or they slip through our butter fingers. So what we need to know is, which is the most sturdy and is built to withstand the rough treatment we give them?

A team from TechSmartt carried out a test involving the HTC One M8, the Samung Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 5S. They dropped all three handsets from waist height, head height and over-the-head height, to see which model would survive and which would come out without too much damage.

HTC One Drop Test

The smartphone to come out worse from the test was the iPhone 5S, which is surprising because in previous, similar tests, Apple’s flagship phone has always done very well. However, this time around it fell flat on its face, resulting in a cracked screen; and that was only from head height!

Next to give up the ghost was the Galaxy S5, which suffered a fatal screen crack. The HTC One however was the out and out winner, which didn’t smash until it was dropped from a height of 10-feet.

The testers are keen to point out that this is not a one hundred percent reliable test, simply because it is impossible to guarantee that the phones will all fall the same way. Yet with its solid metal casing, the HTC One is certainly a strong contender when it comes to the most reliable smartphone. Check out the video below to see the test in full.

[Image via youtube]