Apple’s annual WWDC is just around the corner and we are in little doubt that somewhere within the walls of the Cupertino offices, there some people who have shiny new devices already running the new version of iOS.

The guys over at PhoneArena have uncovered a selection of images that are allegedly from Apple’s forthcoming iOS update, which we all presume will be released in just over six weeks time during the Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco.  The images are from iPhone and iPad; these reveal a mass of icons for new apps that have been extensively rumoured to be included with the new version of iOS.

If we assume that iOS 8 makes an appearance at WWDC, it will no surprise to see some leaked screenshots all over the place a month or so early (the same thing happened with the release of iOS7).  Currently Apple is said to be getting ready to distribute an iOS 7.1.1 bug fix update.  This wouldn’t be an issue even ‘if’ iOS 8 is announced just around the corner, as the latest version probably won’t be released over the course of the conference and would come a few weeks later.  This would of course be dependant upon product releases.

In the meantime, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users that are still persistent in their use of iOS 6 have evidently found themselves in the centre of an extensive Face Time outage since April 17.  The only resolution for this issue appears to succumb to the upgrade of iOS 7.1.

ios8 ?

Although the leaked images do not immediately stand out as fakes, the inclusion of a “Watch Utility” app is likely to make a few people suspicious as it does appear to be a ‘rushed’ icon.  The other images, such as Healthbook, Preview, TextEdit and Tips do appear to clarify recent rumours. The is also an icon for iTunes Radio, which Apple is reported to be in the process of making into a standalone app, rather than part of their existing Music app.

As always, these are only rumours and speculation until the time of the conference. What is your viewpoint? If you would like to leave a sensible comment, then please do so in the comments section below.

[Images via dottech & specphone]