If your family is anything like mine, sometimes it’s almost impossible to pick something to watch on Netflix. Oh, there are several options which look really good, but narrowing those choices down to something three people can agree on is just short of a miracle. You see, I like the action/dramatic movies, my two-year-old obviously likes kid’s movies, and my wife likes all those cheesy heartfelt movies. By the time we finally settle on something, our dinner only has about one bite left on the plate, and it’s time to put my daughter to bed for the night. We spent the whole time arguing over what to watch. Can you relate?

Netflix is great, but it’s a buffet for the eyes – and, like any good buffet, it’s really hard to decide what you want to feast upon first. That’s where a tool like Netflix Roulette can come in really handy and save the evening. (Or whenever it is you mostly watch).

Let Netflix Roulette Pick What To Watch For You

Give Netflix Roulette A Spin

Folks, Netflix Roulette is pretty simple. It’s a site that will pick out what to watch for you when you just can’t decide on anything. You can set some parameters, such as movies and/or tv shows, as well as how many star ratings the choice has to have, but then all you do is hit the spin button. Once you hit the button the program does all of the hard work and picks something out for you. Then, all you have to go is click the “Watch on Netflix” button, and you’re ready to enjoy the show! (Hopefully you’ll enjoy the show, anyway – it could have you watching the above animated Avengers movie).

I don’t know how many will actually take advantage of Netflix Roulette, but it’s comforting to know it’s there if you need it. If you’d like to give it a try yourself, just click here.

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