If there is one thing I hate more than hearing a recording of my own voice, it’s using a webcam. I always feel awkward and self-conscious, which is fine if you’re only chatting to  a friend or family member because they love you anyway. But what if you’ve got a job interview or an important meeting, or worse still a first date?

My husband’s advice to my little hang up is “get over yourself!” – really helpful, thanks dear! Of course he does have a point but what can you do to improve how you look or at least how you come across to someone when using a webcam? There are the obvious pieces of advice like: make sure there is nothing nasty in the background behind you – your washing pile for instance, or the cat giving itself a wash. But there are other things you can do too that can improve the overall experience. For example, if you use an ethernet cable instead of wi-fi, you can eradicate that horrible two second delay that ends up just being a distraction. Or close any open programs, making sure they don’t hog any resources.

The infographic below gives you more helpful hints on “how not to look ugly on a webcam”.