Thanks to some pre-production artist renderings from Foxconn, we can get a first glimpse at what the new USB reversible standard could look like.

Named “Type-C”, the new cable is a similar size to a microUSB and will replace USB 3 cables completely, at both ends. By the look of the artist impressions, the new Type-C is not too dissimilar to Apple’s Lightning cable.

Meet The New Reversible USB Cable

The opening is just 8.3mm wide and 2.5mm tall and is reported to transfer up to 10Gbps, which is around twice the speed commonly found with a USB 3.0.

The design is still subject to change but is expected to be finalized by July 2014. But once shipping gets under way, the new design USB is going to be far more convenient and will be an end to the frustration of making sure cables are inserted the right way up.

Type-C USB

[Images via TheVerge & slashgear]