It’s been in the rumor mill for about a year now: Microsoft has been planning to release Age of Empires for both iOS and Android. It is only now, though, that we have official confirmation that, indeed, we are going to see the popular game on mobile. It even has a real title now: Age of Empires: World Domination.

The game franchise is developed by Ensemble Studios, with Microsoft Studios as publisher. First released in 1997, the game has grown so big, so much so that seven other titles have been shipped to market, not to mention three spin-offs.

With the mobile gaming market growing ever bigger, taking Age of Empires to the mobile platform is the logical step for Microsoft, and that is indeed what they are doing.

Microsoft is Bringing Age of Empires: World Domination To Mobile

Age of Empires: World Domination is being developed by KLab, and the game is supposed to be released by this summer. Mobile devices running on Windows (of course), iOS, and Android will be able to run the game.

Unfortunately, this is all the information that has been given to the public at the moment. Even the details of the game play have not been revealed, so if you have been a long-time Age of Empires player, you probably should not expect that it’s automatically going to be what you’re used to.

They did release an announcement video for Age of Empires: World Domination, one that – I suppose – serves both as an announcement and a teaser.

As you can see, all that we can gather from the video is that players can “relieve history’s greatest battles once more”, this time on mobile. Additionally – and obviously – the new game features “an all new battle system reimagined for mobile”. So there goes your “it’s going to be just like the old games” idea. Also, we get to know that the battles will be among Celts, Huns, Vikings, and Franks.

I have to admit, the trailer does make me look forward to the release. You?

[Image via funkyspacemonkey]