If there were any doubts about wearable tech being the future, this is the time to re-think those doubts. Microsoft just joined the wearable tech race to the tune of $150 million; at least that’s the estimate of those in the know.

According to TechCrunch, Microsoft has spent a whopping amount to get hold of “IP assets related to augmented reality, head-borne computers, and related items from the Osterhout Design Group, a low-profile company that develops wearable computing devices and other gadgets, these days primarily for the military and other government organizations.

Microsoft Buys Wearable Tech IP For $150 Million

This is not a mere rumor, as the founder of the Osterhoust Design Group, Ralph Osterhout, has spoken up about the deal. He has said that Microsoft has only acquired the wearable tech IP but that the design company remains independent. On Microsoft’s part, however, mum’s the word.

The implications of Microsoft buying wearable tech IP are massive, though, especially for its gaming arm. Earlier this month, we already heard talks about the company working on a VR headset for the Xbox One. Are we going to have something like Caprica’s virtual world in the near future then?

Aside from gaming, however, Microsoft can do a lot with wearable tech. It’s not like the company does not deal with all sorts of media already. TechCrunch also dug up a patent that pairs a virtual headset with something that looks very much like a smartwatch. And since Microsoft already is playing in the wearable tech waters, who’s to say that they’re not going to come up with a headset-smartwatch combo?

In other related news, we know that Facebook has bought Oculus for $2 billion, upping the wearable tech game ante. And guess what? Zuckerberg doesn’t seem concerned about Microsoft’s new purchase, saying “Microsoft hasn’t even gotten to the point where they have anything to demo yet“.

[Image via businessnewsdaily]