Who doesn’t remember Microsoft’s “assistant” back in the day? Clippy, the paper clip that never got affected by the downs of life, the bouncing thingy on your screen that always gave you a smile when no one else would. Obviously, with the advancements in software over the years, Clippy is rather outdated, but nostalgia always comes up at some point.

And that’s what happened over at Microsoft, I suppose. In the latest mobile software, Windows Phone 8.1, which mainly highlighted the sassy Cortana (who really seems to be able to hold her own against Siry, at least in terms of sassiness), Microsoft sneaked in Clippy, probably to the delight of many an old time user (albeit perhaps temporarily).


We’ve heard – and seen – quite a number of Cortana’s antics, and she also has something to say about Clippy, which may very well be her ancestor.

“What’s not to like? That guy took a heck of a beating and he’s still smiling,” was her response when asked about Clippy.

Another response: “He taught me how important it is to listen.”

See just how cool Clippy is, in spite of how he could be irritating back in the day?

Indeed, that guy had a whole load of flak come his way, and decades later, he’s still got a smile on his face, and hey, he even gets to replace Cortana

While Clippy may not be found in any of Microsoft’s programs anymore, his “appearance” in the new mobile operating system is something that adds a little fun to the experience. And God knows we can all use some fun.

If you’re in Asia, though, you might not get to enjoy that bit of a walk down memory lane (and modern sass) as Cortana is not coming to the region till next year. That’s probably almost a year’s wait, but patience is a virtue.

[Image via wpcentral]