Ads for phones these days are a big deal, what with all the competition going on. Apple, for example, has recently released a new ad for the iPhone 5s featuring the Pixies, in spite of the phone having been out for quite some time. Samsung does its own part, not missing any chance to send some dissing Apple’s way. But what about Microsoft?

Nokia Lumia ad

Now that the deal between Microsoft and Nokia is all but set in stone, the company released its first Nokia Lumia ad, and boy, does it make your eyes pop.

Titled “Not Like Everybody Else”, the ad focuses on the colorful aspects of Nokia phones. The scenes are nicely played out, with the background being as drab and uncolorful as it can possibly be; and, of course, we see this lone wolf, this Nokia phone owner who wears eye-popping gear (red and yellow), not to mention his yellow Nokia phone.

Of course, everyone stops and stares at him.

Microsoft's First Nokia Lumia Ad is All About Making Things Colorful

I don’t know if you’ve read The Giver by Lois Lowry, but this Nokia Lumia ad certainly reminded me of that story.

While this new ad may not be nearly enough to boost the sales of Nokia phones and increase the allure of the Windows Phone platform, it just might be a step in the right direction. Touting your phones as devices that make users “not like everybody else” is a smart move in these times. After all, people want to highlight how they stand out from the rest of the crowd, and with all the Android phones and iPhones seen everywhere, new Nokia Lumias (though we know the name Nokia will be dropped at some point) just might be the difference that some people will want.

Here’s the new Nokia Lumia ad.

What do you think? Will ads along these lines attract more users?

[Images via TNW & thailumia]