Nest, the popular company behind the Nest “smart” thermostat, is not having very much luck right now with their new “smart” smoke detector. For such a smart device, it’s apparently doing a lot of dumb things. In theory, the smoke detector has a feature which lets you wave your hand at it to turn it off. Sadly, it misreads almost everything else for a wave and silences the alarm automatically. Obviously, this could be a huge problem if a house fire was occurring. Nest has been made aware of this issue, and they have remotely turned off this feature from the installed smoke detectors.

This Nest device is also being plagued by bad reviews at the moment that have nothing to do with the aforementioned wave feature. Sometimes, reviewers say, it just goes off randomly when there’s no smoke or anything that should cause it to be going off in the first place. And when it does go off, some are complaining that the button doesn’t even work to turn off the incessant beeping.

Nest Smoke Detector Gets Recalled

So, until Nest gets all the kinks worked out with this particular smoke detector, stores are not going to be stocking their shelves with it. You’d probably be better off sticking with an old-fashioned smoke detector. And, while you can’t wave it off, at least you can still push the button to silence the alarm.

Who knew smart devices could be so much trouble? Do you currently own one of these smoke detectors? Let us know in the comments section below if you’ve been affected by this safety recall.

[Image via Mashable]