OneNote for Mac was released last month, and while the app has been rather popular before this release, we still have to see how things pan out with the new release, including the free version for Windows. One thing we know, though, is that the OneNote Engineering team seems to have a sense of humor – and an affinity for Les Miserables (who doesn’t?).

onenote mac

With OneNote Mac having been released more than several weeks now, the OneNote Engineering team seems to have a little down time on their hands, so they went ahead and unleashed their creativity with OneNote Mac, a parody video of “One More Day” from Les Miserables.

Now, if you have not seen Les Miserables, then you may not really get it; but it’s the thought that counts, yeah?

OneNote Mac is an original production of the engineering team, with the lyrics being originally written by Nicole Steinbok, a OneNote program manager – originally, because the whole team gave their own input to come up with the final version.

I have to say that this OneNote Mac video is not that amusing, but the idea of an engineering team coming together and going out of their comfort zone to celebrate the launch of their baby is enough to warrant watching and sharing the video. Besides, who would have thought that there is this sort of culture within Microsoft?

Whatever the intentions of the OneNote team are, they just might have done something to start giving people a totally new perception of their company. Kudos for that!

In other, more serious but related news, OneNote for for Android has received an update which allows users to create notebooks as well as create and delete sections for OneDrive notebooks. Hm, isn’t this something that is totally basic to Evernote?

Download OneNote for Mac here, if you haven’t already.

[Image via craigbailey]