As we all store an increasing amount of sensitive information on our smartphones, protecting our data is vitally important. Just consider, the last time you connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot, did you even stop for a moment to consider what risk you were putting your private data under? I have to admit, I didn’t!

If you read the article about the new features in Windows Phone 8.1, then you will have probably noticed that it comes with a new ‘Data Sense’ feature, which detects trustworthy, open networks and then connects you automatically. But how do we know what is truly trustworthy anymore? We only have to think back to the recent problems with Heartbleed, to know that even the most well-known and “trusted” of sites or companies can be effected by malware.

So in order to give yourself the best chance of protecting your data, take a look at some of these tips from Symantec.

Data Infographic

[Images via symantec]