Teens do crazy things all the time – it’s just part of being a kid. But there’s some teens out there who do some really crazy things and are lucky to live to be able to tell about it. While I don’t remember doing anything overly crazy when I was younger, I’m sure I did some things that have my parents heads still shaking their heads at my stupidity. But whatever I (or you) did when we were younger probably pales in comparison to what a 16-year-old boy from California did this past Sunday.

After getting into some kind of a disagreement with his family, this particular teen decided to hop over the fence at the San Jose airport and climbed into the wheel well of a Boeing 767 that was getting ready to fly to Maui. In case you’re wondering, it normally takes about 5 1/2 hours to get from San Jose to Maui via air. And, for those 5 1/2 hours, this unnamed teenager stayed in the wheel well while the plane climbed to altitudes reaching 38,000 feet.

Teen Rides In Plane's Wheel Well From California To Hawaii

Lucky To Be Alive

When the plane finally landed in Hawaii, video footage shows the teen getting out of the wheel well and walking around outside the airport. Airport staff called security when they saw him wandering. The FBI ended up questioning him and stated he doesn’t even remember the flight and that he was unconscious for most of it.

He wasn’t charged with any kind of a crime, and everyone just seems happy he is okay after the ordeal.

I have to ask – how did employees at the San Jose airport not see a teen (or anyone for that matter!) jumping into the wheel well of a huge plane? Also, how did no one not notice him climbing over a fence to get to said plane in the first place? If anything, hopefully this incident will cause some changes to be made at airports around the world.

Plane Stowaway Graphic

Illustrating the altitudes the Hawaiian Airlines flight reached – not it’s actual flight path!

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SOURCE: http://news.yahoo.com/teen-ok-riding-wheel-well-hawaii-jet-081732305.html