Stealth technology has been around for some time now.  The military have used the technology in its varying forms on all sorts of vehicles from jet fighters to submarines.  But I do not think that anyone has yet to construct a stealth motorcycle.  Well, apparently all that is about to change.  The U.S. military have approved funding to develop a hybrid, stealth motorcycle.  The cycle is to be ridden by members of special operations teams in the future.

Who has funded the exercise?  DARPA of course!  The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has issued a substantial grant to integrate a multiple fuel, hybrid-electric power plant into a dirt bike that is to be built by BRD Motorcycles.  Logos Technologies will build the hybrid electric engine and according to them this will be the first hybrid-electric dirt bike ever built.  DARPA leaders have foreseen an electric bike, which can ride for an extensive range whilst producing nearly zero engine noise.

US Military To Build Stealth Motorcycle

Honda’s NM4 Vultus demonstrates the sort of styling the US Army could be looking at for their Stealth Motorcycle.

Wade Pulliam, manager of advanced concepts at Logos Technologies said, “Quieted, all-wheel-drive capability at extended range in a lightweight, rugged, single-track vehicle could support the successful operations of U.S. expeditionary and special forces in extreme terrain conditions and contested environments…With a growing need to operate small units far from logistical support, the military may increasingly rely on adaptable, efficient technologies like this hybrid-electric motorcycle.”

The motorcycle’s stealth will be a creation of its hybrid-electric engine, which will allow soldiers to ride for long periods on rough terrain while emitting virtually no engine noise.  The hybrid drive system would give the bike more range than a exclusively electric system. This is going to be the first time that a hybrid drive system will be incorporated onto a motorcycle, a Logos official said.

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[Image via 3d-car-shows]