We all know that selfies are the thing to do right now. After Ellen DeGeneres’s record-breaking selfie at the Oscars, everyone seems to be wanting to get in on the action – including Major League baseball players and the President of the United States. (In fact, if the rumors are true, President Obama was even a little disappointed that Ellen’s selfie had overtaken his for the top selfie spot. Who even knew there was such a thing?) While President Obama has participated in several selfies since he took office, his latest one with Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz has gotten the White House a little up in arms.

While the Red Sox team was at the White House celebrating their latest World Series championship, Ortiz decided to take a chance and try to get a selfie with the President. He thought it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get a picture with the Commander-in-Chief and President Obama agreed to do it. Ortiz took the selfie and posted it to his Twitter account. No problem, right? Wrong – at least according to the White House.

White House Angry At Obama Selfie

No More Obama Selfies?

Ordinarily, if this had been a selfie posted by a “normal” (read: non-endorsed celebrity), it most likely wouldn’t have been too big of a deal. But Ortiz, who is endorsed by Samsung and who took the selfie with a Galaxy Note 3 phone, is finding himself in a little conundrum. As part of the endorsement, Samsung has the right to post the photo as well, and they did – much to the chagrin of the White House.

Why are they so angry about a simple picture? Well, the President of the United States isn’t supposed to endorse products from his platform, and when it appears like that’s what he “could” be doing, they get a little upset.

It remains to be seen if President Obama will be so selfie-friendly in the future.

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SOURCE: http://www.engadget.com/2014/04/03/samsung-uses-obama-selfie-as-ad/