Google Fiber has unquestionably been making waves with their free and low-cost internet service packages.  Recently a document was circulated to the next 34 cities that are slated to receive the service next year in 2015.  Google has hinted that there also might be plans to roll out WiFi services to those cities in addition to Google wired fiber connections.  Whilst Google did not give any specific details regarding this, they definitely have alluded to wireless services that would provide a service that is above and beyond their standard fiber connections.

Google offers a basic broadband package free of charge and 1Gbps for $70 per month.  You can add an additional TV package for $120 per month.  By offering these packages at ludicrous prices, Google is undercutting the competition extensively. While Google is already a strong competitor in the areas of limited service, this could be a bad news for companies that are trying to compete in those sectors.

Wireless Google Fiber Maybe Available in Major Cities Soon

Detailed information was requested about the potential cities for candidacy; such as information about addresses, building structures, and various outdoor obstacles such as utility poles and sewer access. The candidates have until May 1st to respond to Google to decide if they want Google’s Internet services.

In addition to this, Google is looking for the cities to give them information about the possible locations for a number of “huts” which may be in situ for approximately 20 years or so. It is these huts that will house all of the required equipment for the Google network.  As soon as all of the required information has been received, Google will then make a decision on which sites to go ahead with. So alhough there is no particular information on the alleged WiFi services, the firm is expecting to update their Google Fiber plans by the end of 2014.

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