If you had access to giant earth moving equipment, what would you do with it?  Maybe help out friends landscaping their new garden?  You could try to assist a local charity in making a kids playground?  What about being a little bit selfish and just have some fun with it instead! Is anybody up for a game of giant Jenga?

Well, some guys over at Caterpillar must have been thinking along the same line.  They do have access to giant machinery pretty much everyday, after all.  In order to show just how accurate and precise their excavators are, Caterpillar pitched their finest operators against each other they had a match of the famous wooden block balancing game.


The video is very much self-explanatory but it is interesting to see these giant machines involved in such a ridiculous manner.  The equipment involved in this experiment was; a Caterpillar 320E medium excavator, a Caterpillar TH514C telehandler, a Caterpillar 277D multi-terrain loader, a Caterpillar M316D wheeled excavator and a Caterpillar 349E hydraulic excavator.

Each machine helped to construct and then finally collapse the 27 giant wooden beams used in the game. Each wooden beam was laminated and weighed 600 pounds.  That’s way bigger than the size of a normal Jenga block. As you can see from the video, no single piece of machinery did the majority of the work, rather each machine coordinated in building and then deconstructing the giant pile of wood.

The game was undertaken in the strictest of conditions, with all involved being professionals and used an intricate system of hand gestures. There were no injuries when the 8-ton stack of blocks collapsed.

Giant CAT Jenga

Would you like to have ago with this kind of kit? Can you think of any other games that would be immense fun if you played them with equipmenbt such as this?  As always, if you would like to leave a sensible comment, then please do so in the comments section below.

[Image via dailydot & novafm]

SOURCE: http://www.geek.com/news/worlds-biggest-game-of-jenga-is-deftly-played-with-caterpillar-equipment-1591334/