Can you tell the difference between the real McCoy and a fake? I’m sure you have seen the knock off designer t-shirts and handbags that are too numerous to mention going around these days? With a passing glance you might never know the difference.

Not that I advocate counterfeiting in any way, but now it is possible for you to have your very own artwork masterpiece.  The great thing is that it will only cost you a maximum of $200 and you won’t go to jail for it. It is all thanks to a Russian startup called Prixel and what is great is that no one will ever know the difference.


The guys over at Prixel have developed a technique that flawlessly mimics the artist’s brushstrokes in a 3D-printed form. This is not really new as other companies have used similar tech and 3D printed imitations are not exactly a fresh concept.  What makes Prixel stand out is the price; none of the other firms that provide a similar service to this, can produce the work such a low price as Prixel does.

The technology that Prixel uses, works by using a wide-format ultraviolet printer, which can interpret both brushstrokes as well as specific details like the paint’s colour and how it reacts to light.  By encompassing this information, the unique nature of an artist’s style is not lost at all.

These reproductions are indeed cheap, but they are a quality item.  The pictures are printed in five or six layers. But if you want to get a higher quality reproduction, then you can do, (if you are willing to spend a little more).

So what are you waiting for?  You can order your Van Gogh or Picasso today.

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[Image via prixel]