Sports giant Adidas has just tantalised folks with their, yet to be released, Photo Print app.  The app will allow you to custom design the Adidas ZX Flux trainer with your own Instagram photos.

The app will be made available on both iPhone and Android.  It will let you print any image from your Instagram account onto the trainers, thereby allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind shoe that is completely fresh and unique.

Adidas posted a 15-second teaser video on Instagram to unveil the Photo Print app showing a montage of colourful ZX Flux trainers. Unfortunately the app itself was not precisely revealed, although Adidas assures everyone that the “possibilities are limitless.”

Instagram Pics On Your Sneakers

The Adidas ZX Flux is a part of the customizable miAdidas platform.  This lets you design and purchase your own exclusive trainers. Earlier in May, Adidas Originals design director Sam Handy implied that an Instagram project was on the horizon in an interview with Sneaker News.  “I don’t want to give too much away but we’ve got stuff planned in mi adidas that we should be able to announce in the next few weeks…It’s gonna be a real game changer in customization, like something mind-blowing and new.”

The app will be available for iPhone and Android from August of this year, so why not save up some spare cash now and when you take that perfect picture, you can just upload it to the app and order your shoes to go.

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[Image via luxticker]