A company known as Mediabridge Products is learning the hard way that they can’t just threaten people online and get away with it. After an Amazon reviewer posted a “most helpful” negative review of one of their router products, Mediabridge became upset and threatened to take legal action and sue them for trying to defame them. The Amazon user, who goes by the name Trevely, decided to document the whole ordeal on Reddit and quickly received a lot of support from the online community, though he or she ultimately decided to change parts of his review due to the legal threats.

Amazon Boots Company After it Threatens To Sue Reviewer

Due to their threats, Amazon kicked Mediabridge Products out of their online store and took to the defense of their customer, which is good to hear. Their action goes to show that companies cannot threaten to take legal action against negative reviewers if they want to continue selling their merchandise on Amazon. Due to Trevely posting everything to Reddit, Mediabridge has stated they’ve been getting all kinds of negative attention from this situation, and they’re none too happy about it. Below, you can see an image of part of Trevely’s review:

Amazon Boots Company After It Threatens To Sue Reviewer

Even after being kicked off of the Amazon store, Mediabridge stands by their actions and states that a lot of people have lost their jobs due to this being blown out of proportion. (Amazon was one of, if not the only store, through which they sold their products).

What do you think? Was Mediabridge well within their rights here, or do you think they were bullying the Amazon user? (Apparently, if you sell on Amazon, you are not supposed to contact users regarding their negative reviews if you’re trying to get them to change them).

It also seems that the router in question has had quite a lot of negative feedback, from more users than just Trevely. I wonder if they’ve all received legal threats in the mail. Let’s hope not; that could get expensive.

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SOURCE: http://www.theverge.com/2014/5/9/5699724/amazon-strips-mediabridge-of-selling-privileges