Most of us love a good roller coaster, so we’ve travelled the world to seek out the latest record breaking rides for 2014 that are set to get your hearts’ racing and satisfy even the biggest thrill seeker. As well as scaring the life out of us, they also demand a level of appreciation for the amount of design and innovation that goes into creating these monster rides.

VERRÜCKT - Schlitterbahn Kansas City

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Verrückt is German for 'insane', so already you get an idea of what to expect with this new water ride. At 17 stories, it is taller than Niagara Falls and can reach speeds of 65 mph. Four riders board a raft, climb the 17 stories before plummeting back to the ground at speeds of 65mph. Here the huge water slide climbs again to 5 stories and then drops again. It certainly lives up to its name!