Comodo Dragon is a powerful Chromium technology-based Browser, which offers you all of Chrome’s features and the unparalleled level of security and privacy that you only get from Comodo. Including a greater level of privacy than Chromium technology offers.

The main features of Comodo Dragon Browser are that it has improved privacy over Chromium.  Easy SSL Certificate Identification.  Fast Website Access.  Greater Stability and Less Memory Bloat.  Incognito Mode Stops Cookies, Improves Privacy.  Very easy to switch from your Browser to the Dragon.Comodo

The following changes have been undertaken in this version of Comodo Dragon:

Comodo Media Downloader add-on.
Dragon is based on 33.0.1750.152.
Dragon loads pepper flash from Chrome Install Location or from own install location, if pepper flash folder is copied manually.

You can download Comodo dragon browser from today.

[Image via dobreprogramy]