The worlds first drinkable sunblock has just been launched.  Harmonised H20 UV  apparently gives up to factor 30 protection.  According to Osmosis Skincare, a US company, once taken, the edible suncreams molecules vibrate on the skin and eliminates 97 % of the UVA and UVB rays.

Costing £17 for 100ml, the bottles are on sale now!  The suncream comes in two types: tanning and non-tanning.  Now tanners can still be protected while achieving that bronze look!

Their website states: ‘Take 2ml every 4 hours while in the sun (preferably with 2+ oz of water); Wait 1 hour before exposure to the sun. Monitor sun exposure carefully; Take second dose if still in sun 3 hours after first doseFor extended intense exercise outdoors or if taking sun-sensitising medications, use alternate protection after 30-40 minutes.’

drinkable sunscreen

The founder of the company, Dr Ben Johnson claims: ‘If 2 mls are ingested an hour before sun exposure, the frequencies that have been imprinted on water will vibrate on your skin in such a way as to cancel approximately 97% of the UVA and UVB rays before they even hit your skin. This results in coverage for approximately three hours.  This is similar to the amount of UV reflection created by SPF 30 titanium/zinc sunblocks but distinctly better than UVB chemical sunscreens which prevent certain damage that leads to the visible/painful/inflammation reaction we identify as sun damage.’ 

A user of the new product stated on Facebook: ‘I tested the UV Protection Harmonized Water (my skin burns in 15 minutes w/o sunscreen so i was nervous) SUCCESS!! I was outside for 2 hours with NO sunscreen during peak hours and wasn’t even pink! My year and a half year old drinks it as well and hasn’t burned once this summer and is outside everyday! Thank You, Thank You for this product!’ 

Perhaps the days of applying and re-applying suncream are gone!  Bring on the edible sunblock! 

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