I don’t know about you, but I’ve had to deal with several cases of broken headphones in my life. It seems that either the plastic ultimately breaks, or that one of the lines gets a short in it and stops working altogether. When that happens, all you can really do is throw them out and get a new pair. However, if you keep buying inexpensive headphones, it doesn’t take long at all before you’ve spent about as much as a really good pair would’ve cost. And, if you have small children around the house and they have access to your headphones, you can be guaranteed that they’ll damage more than a few pair of headphones. It’s not really their fault, though – they’re just kids. Most headphones just aren’t built to keep up with the energy and activity levels of excited kids. Until now, that is…

A company known as Marblue decided to come out with a pair of headphones designed for the most active of children, and they have more in common with Nerf than they do with earbuds. They’re completely made out of hard-to-break foam, and they’re known as HeadFoams. In other words, they’re kid-proof.

Finally: Headphones Your Kids Can't Break!


Forget About Beats!

A set of HeadFoams will cost you about $40, and they come in all kinds of bright colors that kids are sure to love. In fact, what’s not to love about these? Marblue pulled out all the stops, including limiting the volume to 85 decibels, so kid’s sensitive eardrums won’t ever be damaged by the volume of their music. Hey, I’m not even a kid and I could see myself using these – except that I like to listen to music perhaps a little too loud.

If you have children and you’d like to get them a pair of headphones sure to last more than a couple of days, you probably need to look no further than these HeadFoams.

Finally: Headphones Your Kids Can't Break!

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[Image via gomarblue]

SOURCE: http://gizmodo.com/nerf-like-foam-headphones-your-kids-wont-instantly-dest-1580578157