First off, I am not a smoker, so I’ve never had to deal with an ash tray. I have had to pick up several cigarette butts from the ground while I’ve helped out with various sidewalk cleanup projects, though. Apparently, some people have a problem putting their butts in an ash tray and would rather just throw them out their car window or onto the ground as they walk down the street. I get it – having to find an ash tray in the middle of nowhere is probably slightly inconvenient, and it’s a whole lot easier to just throw the thing on the ground and move on.

A group of Dutch designers were plagued with the amount of cigarette butts that were just thrown on the ground around the world (somewhere around 4.5 trillion butts), and they decided they’d try to help fix the problem. So what did they do? They created an ash tray that would reward people for their butts, of course, and they named it Fumo. What else would you name it?

This Ash Tray Rewards You For Your Butt


Give A Butt, Get A Song!

Here’s how the Fumo works – when a person gets close to it it begins to light up. Then, once you drop in a cigarette butt, it will play you a special song. (Who wants to bet a certain Sir Mix-A-Lot song will be included? He could be in for a whole new era of royalty checks). Sounds fun, right?

I have to admit – even as a non-smoker I think this is a pretty cool idea. I have no idea how many of these Fumos will be placed all over the world, but one can only hope there will be plenty of them.

Check out a video of the Fumo in action below.

[Image via ioglo]