I may be a little weird, but summer has always been my least favorite season of the year. Why? It’s simple – I can’t stand the heat. And where I live, along with the heat you also get a ton of humidity in the air that does nothing for anyone. As a result of this combination, there’s a couple of things you have to have to combat the hot temperatures – a good air conditioner and an arsenal of quality fans. Here’s the problem – they can only do so much. And for such a simple piece of technology, it can take forever to get a fan in the perfect position to cool you down. But, never fear – that’s about to change too.

Along with everything else getting a “smart” upgrade, fans are about to join the party. A Japanese company, Iris Ohyama, has created one that’s almost everything a person in need of a cool down could ever want. It uses infrared to detect your body (along with any other bodies) in a room. And, naturally, once it detects your body, it gets right to work fanning you.

Infrared Fan Detects Your Body And Cools You Off

I won’t lie – I’m pretty excited about this fan and wouldn’t hesitate to purchase it. Here’s the problem, though: you can’t get it in the United States, at least not yet. (And honestly, I don’t know if it’ll ever be available anywhere except Japan). But just knowing this kind of technology exists is amazing in and of itself. Could you imagine just turning on the fan and never having to adjust its location relative to yours? I think this fan would have a lot of fans all over the world.

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SOURCE: http://www.digitaltrends.com/home/awesome-oscillating-fan-detects-presence-turns-blow/#!IZaSR