The longer drones roam the skies, the more people they seem to annoy. Last week, Techbeat let you know about a Montana Congressional candidate who shot a drone out of the sky with a rifle in his campaign video. Now, a professional golfer is also getting into the game of knocking drones out of the sky for good. Whatever your thoughts on drones, they are clearly getting the attention of lots of people.

Keegan Bradley, a PGA golfer, was out practicing his putting when he became fed up with a drone buzzing overhead. (The drone just so happened to be outfitted with a GoPro Camera). Since golfers pretty well need silence to sink the perfect putt, it didn’t take long at all for Bradley to get irritated by the drone’s noise. So what does he do? He put the putter away and got out a club that could send the ball way up into the air, of course. In other words, he started hitting golf balls directly at the drone.

Keegan Bradley, A PGA Golfer, Hits Drone With Aimed Ball

It took a few tries, but soon enough Bradley put the right aim and spin on the ball and scored a direct hit on the drone. After that, the drone’s camera goes black and viewers can only assume that it crashes to the ground.

Since this was all filmed very well, I can only assume it was all part of a well planned event – regardless, though, Bradley still had to hit the drone in mid-air with a golf ball of all things. There’s no way I could do that. I can’t even drive the ball more than 100 yards, let alone aim it at a moving object in the sky.

[Image via Keegan Bradley]