3D television has been around for a couple of years now and the impact on the entertainment market has been large.  More and more firms are now investing in the technology and they avenues of different applications are opening up a varied field. From entertainment through to medical science, 3D technology has come on in leaps and bounds.


So what if you have a really good idea and want to market it correctly and quickly?  People really need to look no further than the popular crowdfunding site, Kickstarter.  The clever guys over at Dimenco have just launched a Kickstarter campaign that, if it is successful, will deliver the very first 4K glasses-free 3D TV into the market via the crowdfunding route.

The Dutch company is hoping to raise Є199,000 in order to get their vision of the ground, with an ambitious goal of releasing the finished product for only Є899 later in 2014.

The upcoming glasses-free 3D TV will have a native resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.  Unfortunately it is very limited in its capability to play 1080p when functioning in a 2D mode. If you were to watch content in 3D, however, you would get a stunning image of immensely high resolution. It still remains to be seen whether or not a 3D 4K input will be available. What we do know is the display itself will sport a 150 ° ultra wide viewing angle that ought to be able to deliver good 3D performance despite the viewing angle or distance away from the set.

The other specs include a standard response time of 6.5ms, although Dimenco have said that the TV will only arrive in a 39” image size.  As always, if you would like to leave a sensible comment, then please do so in the comments section below.

[Image via: dimenco]

SOURCE: http://www.ubergizmo.com/2014/04/dimenco-glasses-free-3d-tv-looks-to-kickstarter-to-become-reality/?utm_source=mobilerepublic