If you peruse the pages of Kickstarter, you’re always sure to find at least one thing that really stands out and captures your attention. This week for me, that “thing” was the Magic Phone Stand. It is exactly what it sounds like – a magic phone stand. While charging your phone, it causes your phone to levitate in the air. I have to admit – it looks pretty awesome just floating in the air. I have absolutely no idea how it works, and that’s probably the point. It’s magic, and not everyone is supposed to be privy to the secrets of magic!

John Stessel is a magician and inventor who has always liked the idea of levitation. (Who doesn’t)? So, he first designed a set of magic keys that levitated so they couldn’t be lost. Eventually, this idea led him to create the Magic Phone Stand, and he’s partnering with one of the oldest magic shops around (Martinka) to help get it out everywhere. He’s also using Kickstarter, of course, to get everything started.

Magic Phone Stand Makes Your Phone Levitate

While I admit this Magic Phone Stand doesn’t have a whole lot of practical uses, it would still be worth it to see people’s faces as they walk by your desk and see your phone levitating in the air. Let’s admit it – charging our phones is a bit on the dull side. Why not spruce it up a bit?

As of this writing, Stessel has met $5,505 of his $8,000 goal, and he still has 16 days to go before the campaign ends. Owing to the fact that this is one of Kickstarter’s most popular campaigns right now, it is almost certain he’ll meet (or hopefully exceed) his goal.

If you’d like to get your hands on one of these magic stands, you can pledge $24 or more right now to be guaranteed one. And yes, these stands work with both iPhone and Android phones.

[Image via Kickstarter]