There are survival stories out there, and then there are crazy survival stories out there. This is definitely one of the latter category of true stories.

Dr. John All, who lectures on geography at Western Kentucky University, was taking snow samples on Mount Himlung, in the Himalayas. He’s a specialist in mountain science, so I guess it’s not too surprising he was doing this, but it does appear he was by himself, which we know is usually not a good idea. While he was in the middle of his sample collecting, the glacier he was standing on broke, sending him falling 70 feet under the ice. As he was falling, as one would imagine, he suffered numerous injuries until he ultimately stopped. Dr. All then decided to film the aftermath of the accident – as well as his escape.

Man Films Fall Through Glacier & Escapes With Ice Pick

After the fall, one of Dr. All’s arms was next to useless, and he also believed he had some broken ribs. As you can see from the photo above, his head and face also sustained multiple injuries. That makes what he did next all the more unbelievable.

In a true testament to the power and determination of the human spirit, Dr. All used a single ice pick (and one good arm) to climb the 70 feet back up to where he initially fell through the glacier. And he somehow even found the time and the energy to film multiple parts of his survival. It’s painful viewing, believe me, and I can’t even begin to imagine being in the same situation. But the good news is, he survived his ordeal and is now talking about the unexpected experience.

If you’d like to watch part of All’s journey, you may do so below. (Viewers are warned there is some harsh and expletive language contained in the videos).

What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below! As for me, I think I’ll stay away from glaciers in the future.

[Image via Gizmodo]