Since I’ve been writing for Techbeat, I’ve covered some pretty interesting stories, and some of them stick out more than others. This story may turn out to be one that sticks out in my mind for quite a while. I’m not so far removed from my childhood that I can’t remember what excited me as a child. I loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, G.I. Joe, Star Wars, and I also really got into the Transformer toys. There was just something about a normal-looking truck that turned into a fighter jet in a matter of seconds. As a kid, I had decided I’d probably never live to see the day someone would create a real-life Transformer. Boy was I ever wrong.

Late last week I came across a story and a video about a man who transformed himself into…you guessed it – a Transformer. He goes from what appears to be a miniature yellow Hummer into a standing transformer ready to take on whatever evil may come his way. And naturally, all the kids who are surrounding him can’t get enough of the magic. (And yes, the Hummer actually drives around).

Man Turns Himself Into A Real-Life Transformer

Maybe the day’s not so far off when we’ll see Transformers in real-life. Since they’ve created them on the big screen, and at least one man has created a miniature working model, how hard could it really be? I’m sure the military could find their uses for them. Oh well, one can hope. Maybe they’ve already created them and we just don’t know about it yet…

Have a look for yourself at the awesome video below.

Go ahead; it’s okay to feel a little jealous. If you’d like to see it in person, the above video stems from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

[Image via eyeclonicclothing]