Stinger is a quick and installation-free standalone tool for detecting and removing prevalent malware and threats, ideal if your PC is already infected. Whilst this software is not a replacement for a complete antivirus protection software, Stinger is updated constantly to include detection for newer Fake Alert variants and prevalent viruses.

Stinger utilizes next-generation scan technology, which includes rootkit scanning, and scan performance optimizations.  The software will remove any threat that is identified under the ‘Threat List’.

McAfee Labs Stinger

In this latest version of McAfee Labs Stinger the following updates have been undertaken:

Enhanced Detections now include Adware-OutBrowse. Crossrider.  Exploit-PDF.b.gen.  PWS-ZBot.gen.aux.  PWS-Zbot.gen.agz.  PWS-Zbot.gen.alh.  PWS-Zbot.gen.ana.  PWS-Zbot.gen.anj.  PWS-Zbot.gen.oj.  W32/Autorun.worm.c

You can download McAfee Labs Stinger from today.

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