Here’s a bit of good news for Minecraft and Xbox One fans. The immensely popular world-building game is coming to the Xbox One this August, and it’s also getting a few tweaks and upgrades along the way. Due to the limitations of the Xbox 360, created worlds could only go so far, and only certain scenes could be displayed. Experts are saying those things will no longer be a problem once the game moves to the latest Xbox console.

Beginning in August, Minecraft will sell for $20 from the Xbox Games Store. (At least it’s not going to cost $60)!

There’s also good news for those gamers who already own the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft – they won’t be required to pay the full price of the new game. For a year after the release, they’ll only have to pay $5 to make the switch. And, as an added bonus, everything they had on their old game will transfer over to the new game. That’s sure to be a relief to those who have spent hours upon hours creating their ideal pixelated world.

Minecraft Will Be Coming To The Xbox One This August

Minecraft has been in the news quite a bit lately as Denmark’s Government announced that their entire country had been created to scale within the game to encourage students to visit places that weren’t so easy to reach in the real world.

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