3D printing is a growing phenomenon and items such as jewellery, clothing and shoes have all been made using this technology.  The latest product to add to the growing list is make-up.  Grace Choi has developed Mink: a 3D printer that uses FDA approved ink to produce make-up.

Mink will be able to create any type of make-up including lipstick, creams and powders.  Lipstick can be colour matched using an image or photo from anywhere.  The image will then be translated using image-editing software.  The code will then be sent to the printer so that it can register and create the lipstick.  This can be done for other make-up as well.  For instance, Choi made a pink eyeshadow in 40 seconds.   Most make-up companies only produce shades that are popular amongst customers however, this will revolutionise the industry making any shade available to anyone.


Choi’s hope is that this printer will fill the gap in the market so that all customers will get what they want.  You won’t even have to leave your house to get it.  The printer costs only $200 so most people will be able to afford one.  When you think about how much people spend on make-up, this could actually save you money.  An investment to be sure.  The technology is so fast and so cheap that the industry will definitely change!  Perhaps big name companies like MAC and others may cease to exist! Says Choi, “[b]ig makeup companies take the pigment and the substrates and mix them together and then jack the price. We do the same thing and let you get the makeup right in your own house.”

Will this infringe on the copyright Act?  After all, some companies go to great lengths to create colours and shades that no other company can replicate.  MAC is one example of this with colours such as Ruby Woo or Clinique’s Black Honey.  Now, customers will only need a picture of this colour to replicate it themselves at a fraction of the price.  Will Mink stand strong in the $55 billion cosmetic industry?  We shall have to wait and see!

[Image via venusbuzz]

SOURCE: http://www.ipbrief.net/2014/05/26/3d-printings-latest-development-makeup/